LIMITED Contemporary Edition prints are limited edition reproduction prints of original artworks. The prints are made using the most up to date digital technology, utilizing industry professional know-how and skills. Beginning with high resolution image files, provided to us by the artist themselves, we print the editions on fine art Hahnemühle paper with archival pigment inks.


All LIMITED prints are hand signed and editioned by the artist, and they are made in direct consultation with the artist from beginning to end. We work closely with our artists to produce an reproduction print of the highest quality using archival inks and papers. We are able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity should you request one.


Each LIMITED edition print is bound by Copyright. Copyright is the legal right granted to an artist or distributor to exclusive publication, production, sale, or distribution of their original artistic work. Copyright is protected by Copyright Laws and Copyright Agreements, Copyright in Australia is automatic, therefore upon an artwork being made it is automatically protected under the Copyright Act for the lifetime of the creator. The copyright continues for a further 70 year after the artists death.


To protect your print upon arrival we recommend that you do not open the tube until you are in the presence of a framing professional. It is advised you wear cotton gloves when touching the prints as finger marks and scuffs can occur from skin residue. A framing professional will be able to assist you in choosing the appropriate frame to match your interior and will be able to carefully unroll the artwork in readiness for framing.


Crop marks, also known as trim marks are a combination of lines and symbols that are printed in the corner of certain LIMITED edition prints. We have not trimmed particular editions to the crop marks so as to assist your framer in the handling of the artwork. In most cases it is the larger sized editions that the crop marks remain. Your framer will be able to trim your print to the marks indicating the artists desired margin, or window mount the sheet without cropping the paper. It is entirely up to you.


Framing not only presents the artwork in an appropriate and complimentary manner but also helps integrate the artwork into the environment. Framing acts to protect the artwork from short and long term damage so only the highest standards in archival processes are used and only archival materials contact the artwork. If the situation warrants it, specialty UV and reflection control glazing can be considered. All frames are built to last with strong corner joints, and supportive backing.

Framing finishes include White Painted Finish, Lime Washed Finish, Natural Oak Finish, Black Stained Finish, Black Painted Finish, Perspex Box Framing. We are more than happy to advise on framing. All options may be ordered either in a plain box frame or behind a window mount.

Please note that the framing options pictured online are, in some cases, not to scale in the settings that they are shown. The actual artwork image and paper size is specified in the description of each work. Please refer to that when measuring prior to purchase.

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