Born Darwin 1963, lives and works in Sydney


I strive to paint in a style more suggestive than descriptive, paying attention to the broad mass of forms against the circumscribing illustrative nature of line.  Concentrating attention on the envelope of forms rather than a descriptive linear representation, markedly flattens some areas and creates a patterned effect of strangely disembodied shapes of light, shade and colour.  Through the work I intend to ‘unmake’ the image so that elements blend together visually when seen at a distance, but disperse into an unintelligible abstract mosaic upon closer scrutiny. This process dismembers the three-dimensional illusion of pictorial space and creates an inbuilt tension between order and chaos in which the image continually oscillates between illusion and the abstract surface arrangement of light and shade.

Fiona Greenhill is an associated artist with Olsen Gallery Sydney.

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